Gay Fetish / Medical Fetish

What Is Medical Fetish?

Gay medical fetish refers to men who have sexual fetishes for objects, practices, environments, and situations of a medical or clinical nature. Medical fetish does not always involve the doctor's office / hospital scene. Anything that is normally used in a medical environment that induces sexual arousal can be grouped into medical fetish.

There are many variations on medical fetish but the most common ones practiced by gay men are:

  1. Attraction to Doctors, Nurses, Orderly etc.
  2. Medical Uniforms
  3. Rectal Examinations
  4. Rectal Temperature Taking
  5. Catheterization
  6. Enemas
  7. Injections
  8. Suppositories
  9. Prostate Exam
  10. Medical Devices (Medical Gags, Speculum)
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