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Dustin has a really kinky side to him. While many guys do not enjoy going to the doctor, Dustin loves going to see his doctor and loves it even more when he gets a full physical examination. One of Dustin's favorite medical device that he likes to have used on himself is the anal speculum. He loves it when he is at his doctor's office and the doctor checks his anal cavity using a speculum to get a good view of his inside.

Since Dustin can not go to his doctor on a daily basis to get an anal exam using a speculum, he decided to procure one for himself. He uses his anal speculum almost on a daily basis to satisfy his gay fetish. Why would Dustin or anyone else want to have their hole opened up with a speculum you ask? Well according to Dustin, his anal speculum, when used slowly to pry open his hole, gives him great sexual pleasure. The anus has many sensitive nerves and muscles and the process of slowly opening and closing his hole with an anal speculum gives Dustin euphoria that have lead him to cum all over himself.

Also, Dustin is into a gay fetish called fisting and using oversized dildos. In order to make the experience of fisting and oversized dildos pleasurable and not painful, Dustin uses his anal speculum to train is anal cavity and hole to take oversized fists and other objects. For Dustin, using an anal speculum is a win win situation. He gets to satisfy his gay fetish and also prep is anal cavity for taking oversized fists and objects. One can only imagine what other gay fetish can be satisfied with a speculum.

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