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What Is Foot Fetish / Podophilia?

Foot fetish aka podophilia is a sexual interest in the feet. The feet is the most common body part that arouses sexual turn on that is a non sexual body part. Pleasure from the feet can be derived in many ways. Some gay men like to worship feet. Some even derive pleasure from torturing other men's feet such as in bastinado.

Just as we all have a preference for certain people with certain looks, different gay men derive pleasure from different types of feet. Some may only find feet that smell to be attractive, while some only find feet wearing socks to be pleasurable. And some even are turned on by feet with toes of certain length. In order to have their feet look more attractive, some men will also wear jewelry such as toe rings and even get a pedicure.

Podophilia / foot fetish has many different variations and it is really up to you and what you find attractive. You may like long toe nails while others may not. Some even get turned on my feet with bunions. There are many reported cases where a gay man will not be attracted to the individual himself but just to their feet. It may sound unusual but there are gay men out their who base their whole relationship based on feet and nothing else.

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