Piss Drinking / Pee Drinking / Urophagia

What Is Piss Drinking / Pee Drinking / Urophagia?

Urophagia also know as piss drinking or pee drinking, is a gay fetish where one derives sexual pleasure from drinking pee. Pee drinking may be incorporated into BDSM play as part of submission and humiliation, but piss drinking fetish does not always involve BDSM play.

Generally, for people who indulge is piss drinking, it is advised that they drink the pee midstream to flush out any bacteria lingering in the urethra. Due to pee picking up things that the person has consumed, piss from different individuals have different taste based on their diet. Men who consume artificial sweeteners such as from diet sodas will produce pee that is sweet tasting while men who consume asparagus produce pee that has an odor that is generally considered unpleasant.

According to some gay men who drink pee on a regular basis, piss from guys after they have drank beer gives it a mildly beer like flavor. So next time your run out of beer and can not run out to pick some up, you may try recycling beer by drinking your own piss.

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