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While many of you who are not familiar with boy fetish may think we are primarily a gay bondage / BDSM site, but that is not true! Our twinks practice and enjoy many different kinds and forms of gay fetish that has been thought of and practiced throughout time. Jason is one our twinks that enjoys and practices what I call a "Weird" gay fetish. On the outside, Jason may look like any ordinary young slim twink, but when he is at home and by himself, lets just say oh boy you will never look at a food item the same way again.

Cucumber, carrots, radishes, and corn on the cobb are generally meant to enter your body through your mouth and come out your lower hole, but Jason has different uses for vegetables. This twink likes to use vegetables of different sizes and shape as a dildo. Why in the world would anyone want to shove vegetables up ones hole you ask? After hearing Jason's reason for using vegetables as dildos up this tight twink hole, it actually does not sound like such an odd gay fetish at all. It actually makes a lot of sense.

According to Jason, plastic didos do not have the varied shape, texture, and size that vegetables have and in order to have a sizeable collection of plastic dildos, it cost a lot of money. So Jason one day decided to test vegetables out too see how they feel up his tight twink hole. After Jason's first experiment, it was all over for him. He was hooked on using vegetables as dildos. Feeling taking something big and fat up the hole? Use a cucumber! Feeling like something big and rough up your hole? No problem, use a corn on the cobb. After hearing Jason's reasons for shoving vegetables up his twink hole, I got a little curious about how a corn on the cobb would feel up my hole. In the end, I asked Jason if he eats the vegetables after he is done with playing with them to which he would not comment.

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