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Keaton is a twink gay bondage master in training. He wants to dominate and train other twinks performing in gay porn movies. Well when I first saw this twink walking into our studios, I find of chuckled when he told me that he was a dominant top. I just could not see a dominant gay bondage / BDSM top at all by looking at him. Being a persistent little twink, Keaton kept insisting that he can play the dominate gay bondage / BDSM role. I figured what the hell and decided to let Keaton in front of the camera, but I was not convinced enough to bring in another twink for him to show me his skills on.

So, I took out our in house blowup doll and told Keaton to prove to me that he can do all that he claimed that he could do. I showed him where our gay bondage / BDSM playroom was and Keaton immediately got into gear and started going to work on the blowup doll. I have to say, I was surprised with the way Keaton worked the doll. He was pretty rough with the doll and slapped it around as any gay bondage / BDSM master would. Since Keaton passed the test with the blowup doll, I just may bring in a twink for Keaton to break in and train for our next gay porn movie.

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