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While many gay porn producers are always behind the camera, some actually enjoy being part of the gay porn once in a while. Many gay porn producers that film certain category of gay porn do not produce it just because that is what the public want but also because he enjoys it sexually as well. For example, Rocky, who films foot fetish gay porn movies is into feet himself. On many occasions, he has personally put himself in front of the camera if he finds feet that is just too good to pass up.

Matt, a former Marine twink had just the feet that got Rocky, the gay porn producer's juices flowing. Rocky was not going to stand ideally by just directing while someone else got to worship Matt's young twink feet. Instead of having one of his twinks worshipping Matt's feet, Rocky put the second twink in charge of filming and he personally got down and dirty with Matt's Marine feet. As you can see, not all gay porn producers hide in the shadow. Many of them such as Rocky proudly display their love for gay fetish and gay porn on camera for the public to jerk off too.

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