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Nasty Dustin is a young twink with a dirty little gay fetish. He enjoys getting enema up his hole, pooping it out and then sitting in it. Dustin's interest in klismaphilia gay fetish started at a young age of 18 and since then he has been putting enema up his hole and pooping it out on a regular basis.

What can make someone enjoy enema fetish / klismaphilia you ask? According to Dustin, he enjoys the feeling of warm enema as it is squirted into his hole. Then the feeling of being forced to hold in the enema while the urge to poop gets greater and greater is a real sexual turn on for him. The turn on does not end there. The final climax of euphoria comes when he can't hold it in anymore and lets his poop and warm enema mixture all rush out. The whole experience from beginning to end has had Dustin cum on many occasions.

While the idea of purposely taking enema up ones ass and then sitting in your own poop / scat may not be for the faint of heart. There are many people out there that practice enema fetish / klismaphilia gay fetish and derive great sexual pleasure from the warm feeling that the enema gives them both going in and out. After watching Dustin's enema / klismaphilia video, Dustin always pops into my head when I see a bottle of enema at the local pharmacy.

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